Child and Teen Mental Health


Local Resources

United Parents: Parent mentors, local support groups and referrals, respite and parenting workshops - Call (805) 384-1555 or click here

Interface Children & Family Services: Call (805) 485-6114 or click here

Aspiranet: For families at risk of out-of-home placement; foster care and adoption services - Call (805) 289-0120 or click here

Kids & Families Together: For children and their families, including kinship and foster caregivers - Call (805) 643-1446 or click here

City Impact: Counseling services and early intervention and prevention programs. Call (805) 983-3636 or click here

Casa Pacifica: Services include residential for children and non-public special education and therapeutic preschool - Call (805) 445-7800 or click here

Helping your child succeed at school: Ventura County SELPA - Call (805) 437-1560 or click here

For assessment and referral: Call the VCBH STAR Team at (866) 998-2243.

There is a program in Ventura County to help identify and get help for psychosis early. If you or someone you care about shows possible signs of psychosis (and is between 16-25 years old), call (805) 642-7033 or click VIPS for more information. The VIPS program is offered by Ventura County Behavioral Health in partnership with Telecare Corporation.

According to the U.S. Surgeon General in any given year about 20% of children in the country have a diagnosable mental illness and more than 7.5 million American children and adolescents suffer from a serious mental illness that significantly interferes with their day-to-day life.

Children's and teens' mental health is as important to their well-being as their physical health. If you're concerned about your child's mental health, start with the Mental Wellness Checklist to learn more about what is typical behavior and for some simple things to try that might help.

If your child has symptoms of mental illness it is important to seek treatment. Mental illness in children and adolescents is treatable. Early identification and intervention is important to ensure the best outcome for your child. With the appropriate treatment many children can make a full recovery or their illness and symptoms can be controlled so they live fully functioning lives. For potential warning signs that your child may need help, click here.