Wellness Toolbox


Research has shown that when we experience negative emotions such as anxiety or depression it can impact our immune system and increase the possibility of falling ill. When we are emotionally strong we can become more resilient and prepared to respond in a positive way to life’s inevitable changes, losses and disappointments.


Take simple, small steps everyday to develop healthy habits and make healthy choices:

  • Be heart healthy — keep an eye on your cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Exercise to maintain flexibility, endurance and bone health
  • Be aware of your food choices — what you eat does affect how you feel
  • Get enough sleep
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Local Resources

Live Well Ventura County

Faith-based Organizations
Many offer mental wellness support including this VCBH service provider:

Our emotional health is important and has an impact on our physical health as well. We all experience happiness, sadness, hope, and anger almost daily. How we handle these ups and downs impacts our quality of life. When we are emotionally healthy we are able to successfully integrate these emotions in our relationships with ourselves and others. Positive self-esteem, self-awareness and confidence as well as the ability to share our feelings with others are key. By becoming emotionally aware we can better take care of ourselves, better deal with life’s stresses and have positive relationships.