The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department is happy to present Wellness Everyday, the website for local residents. 


Would you know what to do if a neighbor, co-worker or family member was experiencing symptoms of mental illness?  The Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program helps ordinary people to better understand the real struggles a person with mental illness is experiencing.  MHFA enables recognition of the common signs and symptoms of psychosis and other mental illnesses to enable early detection and intervention.  To learn more Click Here.


close Making Healthy Choices
We all have busy lives and make important choices about our lives daily. Work, family obligations and finances can sometimes make it difficult to make healthy choices for ourselves, and those we care about. Paying attention to what we eat and drink, exercising and having check-ups all contribute to our health and well-being. IT ALL COMES DOWN TO MAKING THE NEXT CHOICE A HEALTHY CHOICE EACH DAY.
close Taking Preventive Action
Living a wellness lifestyle means being proactive and taking preventive steps before an illness or condition sets in. Many emotional, physical and social illnesses are actually preventable. You can take up yoga or meditation, make positive changes to your diet and eliminate destructive or negative behaviors. ASK YOURSELF, “WHAT STEPS CAN I TAKE TO KEEP MY BODY, MY MIND AND MY RELATIONSHIPS STRONG?”




"This course was enlightening and eye opening!"
- Local participant of Mental Health First Aid training