Innovation Projects

Innovative Solutions to Mental Health

Do you have a fresh idea for improving mental health services? Innovation projects provide opportunities to test out new approaches. They are funded through the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) and administered locally through Ventura County Behavioral Health. 

Innovation projects are new and creative mental health approaches that are designed to be learned from. They have a fixed length with a clear beginning and end, and are carefully evaluated. It's a chance to try out new directions that might inform current and future mental health services in communities.

Innovation Project Categories

Innovation projects must address at least one of these areas:
a) Increase access to mental health services for underserved groups
b) Increase the quality of mental health services, including measurable outcomes
c) Promote interagency collaboration related to mental health services, supports, or outcomes

Current priorities

The current state and local priorities for mental health services are:

  • Transitional Age Youth, ages 16-25 (TAY)
  • Technology
  • Criminal Justice
  • School-based Programs
  • Housing
  • Improved Access
  • Prevention of Co-occurring Disorders

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