Coming Together After Tragedy, Thousand Oaks Shooting


Community can call to seek mental health assistance at

The events at Borderline Bar and Grill are shocking to many and make us question our sense of welfare and well-being. We understand a mass shooting may result in a number of emotional stressors and triggers which are normal. The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department encourages you to seek assistance when working through these difficult challenges. 

The County’s Behavioral Health Department provides crisis intervention services in emergencies for all residents of Ventura County. Crisis services can range from a simple phone counseling session to an in-person appointment.

We urge people affected by this tragedy to remember everyone has different needs and means of coping, and there are things you can do to help yourself and loved ones who may be traumatized: 

•  Talk to a mental health and medical professional about trauma. Avoid overexposing yourself and loved ones to the incident via the media (e.g., news coverage, social media, etc.) 

•  Avoid using alcohol and drugs to cope with stress or anxiety. Instead, consider using meditation, breathing and muscle relaxation techniques. 

•  Resume your routine as much as possible. 

Ventura County Behavioral Health encourages residents to call the 24-hour CRISIS NUMBER: 1-866-998-2243 if you feel the need to speak with a mental health professional. The helpline is available year-round, 24 hours a day for the community, to assist with any issues in English, Spanish and other languages. Being mentally healthy is important to everyone. Mental wellness can be challenging, but it doesn't mean living a full and healthy life isn't possible. If you believe a loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis and you need the assistance of law enforcement, call 911. 

The Ventura County Behavioral Health Department provides a system of coordinated services to meet the mental health and substance abuse treatment needs of Ventura County. The staff of the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department is dedicated to relieving suffering and enhancing recovery from mental illness, alcohol and other drug problems. VCBH believes consumer and family member involvement is critical, both to our commitment to excellence and for profound change in consumers’ lives, and we are dedicated to integrating consumers and family members throughout the Department’s organization and activities. The Behavioral Health Department Plan plays an important role as an integrated component of the Ventura County Health Care Agency System.

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